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[President Speech]

Hi, Colleagues;
We have developed the 'Quadruple Automatic Safety Quick-Coupler' as the world's first technology in the field of excavators and Quick-Coupler and have completed domestic patent application, registration and international patent application.
Regrettably, safety incidents are constantly being heard at construction sites. There are various types of accidents caused by accidents caused by bucket crashes, malfunctions of hydraulic cylinders, or mistakes in attaching and detaching of attachments by the driver.
In order to prevent accidents caused by falling of excavator buckets, safety Quick-Coupler with safety devices must be used so that accidents can be prevented from occurring.
I have been driving an excavator for 30 years. I also had a lot of buckets dropped off using unsecured Quick-Coupler, and my experience has been motivated and I've been constantly researching and researching for the past 8 years and eventually creating a safety Quick-Coupler.
If you would like, we will visit the company and demonstrate the 'Four Automatic Safety Quick-Coupler'.
If you look at the demonstration in person, I think you will be able to see at a glance why it is necessary to use a Quick-Coupler with a safety device.
Thank you.

                                                                                                     EASY LOCK Inc.
                                                                                                    President Lym YongTea


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