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2. Materials and Product Characteristics
● Quick Coupler of Easy Lock Co.,Ltd. composes the automatic safety device. If inserting the attachment pin in Quick Coupler to install the attachment, the safety device is automatic and safely locked regardless of switch operation.(It is safe even for the mistake of operator.)

● Unlike the other company’s products, only Quick Coupler of Easy Lock Co.,Ltd guarantees the safest state that automatically locked, and prevents even the falling of attachment by operator’s mistake(without the operation of switch).
● To disable the locking of Quick Coupler, tilt Quick Coupler toward the arrow① and stop all the movement in a tilted state of 80~100degrees as in the following picture before opening the switch. (For more information, refer to P.18)
Therefore, it is possible to open Quick Coupler only in a safe posture in which the attachment doesn’t fall down, which is safe against the accident.

● It is safe for the opening of Quick Coupler with the malfunction of switch due to user’s mistake during the operation, o for the opening of switch with the malfunction of short circuit generated from the electric system. It is safe even for the hydraulic cylinder and parts damage as the safety device prevents the attachment from falling down.

● The interior of Quick Coupler of Easy Lock Co.,Ltd whose safety device has independent composition and whose parts are simple, and the space between the cylinder and body is wide so it is the same as the general Quick Coupler whose soil exhaustion is easy. Therefore, it has less probability of failure than the other company’s safety Quick Coupler. If a stone entering into the Quick Coupler, it can be damaged so it is necessary to be careful.

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